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About Lena Dyhrberg

My name is Lena Dyhrberg and I am a Private Family Health Care Nurse with 30 years of experience. It is my desire and goal to increase respect around infancy and to make it easier to be a parent.

I have worked as a nurse with children and families for 30 years and want to spread the experience and knowledge that can facilitate young children families' daily lives.


It is my experience that health and kinesiology is a perfect combination for greater parental and child health and well-being. A good combination of preventive care.

Areas of practice, with which I have particularly good experience and good results are:

  • Understand your child before it speaks

  • Sleeping problems

  • Understand your intuitive wise child (sensitive)

  • Does your child thrive in kindergarten?

  • Colic, abdominal pain

  • Allergy

  • Eating poblems

  • Stimulation of the child's motor skills

  • The preterm infants (premature baby)

  • Mother with birth disorder (depression)

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