‘Born Wise’ has recently been published by the American Publisher Balboa Press, which is part of the Word renowned Publisher Hay House. This is yet one of my dreams come true. It has been a long and exciting journey to have come this far.


‘Born Wise’ has been redesigned, and tells in words and photos how a greater respect is created around the newborn or small child.

The book informs how we through communication with the child can achieve a greater respect for the child, and thereby make parenting easier and more fun. The book also informs how the little child senses its parent’s feelings, thoughts and emotions and how the child reacts on these signals. The little child’s natural intuition is very interesting and can explain much about the child’s daily reactions which she/he communicates through.


The book ‘Born Wise’ describes with examples from my daily life as a Maternity Health Nurse how communication has made life and health better for many children and their parents.


Good luck with your new coming knowledge.

‘Born Wise’ is sold on Saxo.com and Balboapress.com in both hard cover, soft cover and E-book.

Get the first chapter of Born Wise as an E-book


Born Wise - The Book

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