Family Health Care Nurse

I have worked as a nurse with children and families for 30 years and want to spread the experience and knowledge that can facilitate young children families' daily lives. 


Home Visits

I sense quite quickly when we meet, how I can best help you. We work together to achieve your desired results in daily life and in life in general.



Health and kinesiology is an effective combination when a family wants health, well-being and development.


Born Wise - The Book

The book informs how we through communication with the child can achieve a greater respect for the child, and thereby make parenting easier and more fun. The book also informs how the little child senses its parent’s feelings, thoughts and emotions and how the child reacts on these signals. The little child’s natural intuition is very interesting and can explain much about the child’s daily reactions which she/he communicates through.

About me

My name is Lena Dyhrberg and I am a Private Family Health Care Nurse with more than 30 years of experience. It is my desire and goal to increase respect around infancy and to make it easier to be a parent.

Nothing has been more valuable as the help we got from Lena for the simple reason that her starting point was our family and not some general method. We are very grateful for Lena´s help, and she is definitely highly recommendable to other families in similar situations.

Rikkeliva, Copenhagen.