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Kinesiology is a perfect way to balance the body and mind. Health and kinesiology is an effective combination when a family wants health, well-being and development. A balancing of the woman before and after birth, strengthens the body, stimulates the body to an optimal birth physically and emotionally, balancing makes you feel as pregnant and mother more balanced.You can briefly relive previous bad experiences and then release them so they are not passed on to your child. Pelvic Solution can be improved or totally relieved by AK treatment. A history of severe birth may be edited, so you get better and get on to another child if you wish.


Applied kinesiology can remedy or facilitate a child with:

I can find the cause of colic, allergies and alleviate it. I can break unhealthy patterns, so you do not disclose it to your child. I can come to you and you are welcome at my house in Nyborg or in my consultation on Amager.

If you live far away from Nyborg or abroad, I can treat you or your child from a distance. So we agree on the time, and is then in contact with each other. I have good results with this kind of treatment. I have families in Africa, Norway and the UK, who use me frequently.


I am a trained kinesiologist since 1992 and have since worked with kinesiology alongside my health care.



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Sleeping problems








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