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Home Visits

I sense quite quickly when we meet, how I can best help you. We work together to achieve your desired results in daily life and in life in general.

I offer:

  • Consultation either at your home or at my practice 

  • Telephone consultation

  • Long distance session. I can treat you and your family from distance. Contact me for more information.


  • Communicate with your child

  • Separation anxiety

  • Breast feeding

  • Sleep

  • The newborn baby's well-being and development

  • Converse and processing of birth of mother, father and child

  • Colic, allergies, eating problems

  • Stimulation of the child's motor skills

  • Create harmony for your child and your family

  • Kinesiology balancing the mother or child - by request

  • To Strengthen father and mother in parenting, to use their own intuition.

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